HZ-1555 – So-dedicated Beautiful Housekeeper -She Cares My Body Too- – Masaki Uehara


HZ-1555This time, HEYZO takes a close look at a day in the life of Masaki Uehara, an erotic housekeeper who does everything from cooking to laundry to being a night companion. First of all, when she came home from work, she carefully licked her husband’s dick at the entrance. Masaki can no longer hold back and violently pistons her from behind, making her legs shake as she feels it. She firmly took the first shot with her mouth and moved to the bath. While washing her husband clean, she takes his cock in her mouth again and begs him to insert it. The lewd housekeeper’s obscene moans echoed in her bathroom as she tasted her second cock in her mouth, but it still didn’t seem like it was enough. Furthermore, she moves to the bed and fucks her with a thick creampie that makes her squirt for the third time! That’s great~, I would also like to be served by such an erotic housekeeper~!

Date: June 3, 2023
Pornstar: Masaki Uehara

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