Spoon Position

Spoon position is a sex position that is done in a sideways position on the bed. The woman’s back is to the man, and the man penetrates from behind in that sideways position. In this case, both the man and the woman are facing the same direction.

Although often shown in pornographic scenes, this position is actually not a favorite position in real sex. The position of lying sideways makes men unable to freely penetrate into a woman’s pussy. In addition, this position is also less than ideal if women have large hips while men have relatively not too long dicks.

However, in the porn scene, this spoon position has advantages in terms of visualization of sex games. It can be said that all major parts of a woman’s body, namely the face, tits, and pussy, can be clearly seen on the screen. Men’s dick will be seen very clearly when entering the pussy. Therefore, this sex position is a favorite position in many porn movies, because of its detailed visualization. Especially uncensored JAV porn movies.