Woman on Top

Woman on Top is a sex position where the man is on his back below the woman. This is one of the favorite positions in porn movies, perhaps only less famous than the missionary position. Generally, this position allows women to play a more active role in the process of making love. This is because women are easier to move their hips. Also, she can control the frequency of penetration of the dick into her pussy.

This position can consist of various variations. Women can be positioned opposite or back to men. In reality, the position of women dealing with men is certainly more common. This is of course because it makes sex more intimate, and they can look at each other or kiss each other. The man is certainly more satisfied to be able to see a woman’s tits directly, or feel it in his chest when embracing.

However, in porn films, especially Japanese porn, the position of women with their backs is also quite often shown. This of course aims to give satisfaction to the audience because they can see the entire body of the woman.