Standing Doggy

Standing Doggy is a sex position that displays a position like doggy style, but in a standing position. This position is common in hardcore sex, where women play an active role. Of course it’s boring when sex positions are only done in bed with a conservative style, right?

Sex with a standing position usually presents a scene full of adrenaline. Especially if this sex is done with the woman’s back to the man, and allows the man to penetrate from behind. The whole female body will certainly look beautiful on your screen as a spectator. While it might be for the male lead, he didn’t enjoy the sight. However, of course the man enjoys something else, in this case the pleasure of standing doggy style sex!

Generally, this sex position is done in films with male and female genres being equally active. Or, it could be just women who are active. In essence, when women are in a passive state, sex is very rare in this position. Well, let’s enjoy all of them here in JAV Bite!