PC 050518_267 – Pink Anal Is Beating – Yu Tsuruno


PC 050518_267A slutty mature woman who is curious about naughty things, especially wants to experience anal sex, will make her wish come true! ! Yu Tsuruno said that she felt so good while watching the AV that she wanted to experience that feeling too. A slutty mature woman who exudes her unique sex appeal and spends happy days with her partner. Yuu can’t tell her partner that she wants to have anal sex, so she decides to have another man do it for her. She asked me to get naked, and to my surprise, her pussy, nipples, and anus were a beautiful light pink color like a cherry blossom. The scene where fingers, toys, and raw cocks are inserted while stimulating such a pretty anus is shocking! ! ! Please watch the video slowly as her anus blooms little by little, writhing in agony and being filled with pleasure.

Date: November 28, 2023
Pornstar: Yu Tsuruno

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