PD 072712_393 – Akari Asagiri


PD 072712_393The familiar F-cup busty actress, Akari Asagiri, takes on the role of a troubled housewife! It’s been five years since her husband left her. She no longer has to change the light bulbs that he used to do for her. The loneliness has subsided, but the coldness of the futon alone is still painful. She wants to forget the warmth of the man, but can’t. The tingling sensation suddenly comes back to her. Burning with desire… I want it… I want the warmth of the man. …Unable to bear the loneliness, she reaches for her erogenous zone in the kitchen. She lifts her apron and places cooking utensils and seasoning bottles on her private parts, and is surprised by a large amount of squirting. If she’s still not warm enough, she takes out a rotor and a vibrator and squirts a lot. When the scene changes, she turns her unfulfilled desire towards her son. She devours his cock with a delicious blowjob, and heads towards uncontrollable forbidden pleasure. She excites her son with her squirting again, and then he inserts it. She squirts again with piston movements. It seems that she was able to fully feel the warmth of the man during the raw creampie.

Date: November 10, 2022
Pornstar: Akari Asagiri

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