PD 050311_085 – Yuki Mizuho, Karin Asamiya


PD 050311_085Welcome to the high-class soapland, greeted with three fingers. Finally, I couldn’t hold back and chose Mizuho Yuki-chan and Asamiya Karin-chan. They immediately started sucking my dick. They said they were going to take off my pants, and it was so cute that they put them on. They pulled out their dicks, and when they saw the dicks that came out, they screamed. Which one was it? They both competed to lick my whole body. I don’t need to tell you that the back of my dick is getting super thick, it’s embarrassing. But my dick is super happy. When they rubbed their tits together and got themselves comfortable, their sluttiness intensified and they took turns straddling my face. Then they shared their dicks and took turns inserting them raw. I wonder who got it inside them? It’s unfair to only cum inside one of them, so we moved to the mat and played with lotion together, and when their dicks got super happy, they came inside again. “Wow, you guys are amazing, I’m so happy.” I’m glad they both got it inside them.

Date: August 27, 2022

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