MU 032212_01 – Rika Kawamura


MU 032212_01At first glance, she seems quiet and has little experience with men, her name is Rika Kawamura (21 years old). She is a masochistic girl with a slightly perverted temperament. She usually has sex with her girlfriend at a hotel, but today she decided to visit her home to change the atmosphere and enjoy some perverted play. Her room is full of things. When she gets to the bed while avoiding obstacles, she finds her laundry hanging inside the house to dry, and she is strangely excited by the room, which has a real life feel to it. There is an object with a familiar shape next to the window. I guess I use this to masturbate when I’m lonely (lol). She enters the bathroom invitingly and looks at me with some kind of wistful eyes. When I put my dick in front of her, she obediently took it in her mouth, and I had her deep throat me. She went back to bed and started playing with the electric massager, which made her even more excited that she couldn’t move, and her pussy was even wetter than usual. When she inserts the piston into her raw, Rika-chan moans repeatedly saying “It feels good”. Please come and watch this erotic sex friend’s messy and masochistic side!

Date: October 27, 2023
Pornstar: Rika Kawamura

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